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interviewer's interesting story to tell you. the. arabic for a visit or a big. call. coming up on our t.v. developments from eastern ukraine over the malaysian plane crash black boxes from the down flight or handed over to malaysian authorities bodies of the deceased have been transported out of the region an update from the crash site a half. and a california judge ruled unconstitutional the death row was found to be cruel and unusual because of its systematic delay among other concerns more on this court decision coming up. and hundreds of residents have been without running water this summer now the city's water department will suspend the shut off for only fifteen days more on the water woes ahead.
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hello it's tuesday july twenty second four pm in washington d.c. islands in france you're watching our team america. the investigation into the deadly malaysia airlines flight seventeen crash is wrapping up today in eastern ukraine the black boxes are now in the hands of dutch representatives after and take care of rebels handed them over to malaysian officials late last night the remains of around two hundred passengers have been loaded onto a train and have arrived in government controlled kharkiv bodies will next be taken to the netherlands to be identified are his romantic also have is on the ground in eastern ukraine where fighting has not yet ceased and remember as i'm talking right now we just heard the sound of multiple rocket launchers being fired at a distance and that's basically been happening all day which is a clear violation often all combat zone that was announced by ukrainian president
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go to reporter schenkel now in terms of the bodies that have already arrived in. ukraine there are over two hundred of them there and the head of the dutch forensics team that was traveling with the train from the city of torres then to done that scan then it's a hard call said that they're completely satisfied with the way that the bodies were stored and how they were transferred i have watched. the train the wagons and i'm. thinking the story itself the bodies. group of quality of course the black boxes flight recorders or coming in on as black boxes have been collected from the site said they were under the control of the self-proclaimed. people's republic here they have now been handed over to the malaysian authorities and that happened late on the monday nights and the malaysian authorities in their turn they will take these black boxes send them over to british aviation experts
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and hold that will shed some light on what actually happened to flight m.h. seventeen now always see the mission of continuing to monitor the situation here on the ground initially they said that they had had trouble reaching this. that's a no longer the case right now they have completely full access and use they mark said the thursday that's the malaysian aviation experts arrived at the scene they had a chance to scour the territory they were there in the fact finding mission and they also express said gratitude for the full access and for the level of protection that they received here in eastern ukraine meanwhile the spokesperson for the always see who's here on the ground he said that perhaps it's time for those who have more expertise to finally be here and he also added that this still haven't heard anything from the international aviation commission that was artie's one man
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closer and as investigators in the public await evidence to determine what happened on the fateful day the malaysian airlines plane went when the plane crashed into eastern ukraine that is the obama administration announced it plans to release some data from the u.s. intelligence community later today on the crash and meantime the u.s. continues to address the investigation artes and we are david pressed for answers at the state department briefing earlier today. today the white house reiterated it's believed that malaysia airliner seventeen was shot down by a sophisticated surface to air missile located within rebel held territory in eastern ukraine where a lot of questions at this point over how the u.s. came to that conclusion but white house spokesperson josh earnest did break down the evidence the u.s. has at this point take a listen we know that for months now heavy weapons have been moving across the border from russia into ukraine we know that the russians have been training. russian backed separatists in the use of those weapons including entire aircraft
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weapons we know that the separatists have claimed credit for shooting down three different aircraft in the last several weeks and we've seen the same social media reports that you've seen that indicates the separatists did at one point on thursday have possession of an essay eleven system. that is capable of reaching aircraft that are flying at high altitudes we also heard from the state department today i had the chance to ask the department about recent claims from russia that a ukrainian fighter jet was allegedly flying very close to the airliner i also asked her about reports of escalated conflict between ukrainian authorities and anti kiev separatists in just the last forty eight hours take a listen to what she had to say russia has recently been questioning a ukrainian su twenty five fighter jet that was flying you know more than three miles away from the boeing plane before it was shot down and they sort of suggested
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that it may have been involved they don't know but they're questioning they've done more than what. what evidence does the u.s. have to rule out that as a possibility at this point because i've heard reports of the u.s. already sort of knocked that out of a couple points first as we've said when you look at the kind of markings on the plane and how it looks like it was brought down obviously that's consistent with an essay eleven which is fire. from the ground i haven't seen any information that indicates a ukrainian jet we're still looking into it obviously the president of ukraine has said there was not but again we like to independently verify things for matt before you ask the question and so i haven't seen information that would indicate that all of the you know the preponderance of the information that we've laid out in that the intelligence community will layout was that this was an essay eleven fired from the ground from a separatist controlled area and there are also several ports but the ukrainian military has continued to issue attacks in eastern ukraine despite everything going
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on with the investigation what kind of information do you have on that and has u.s. said anything whatsoever to kiev authorities about a cease fire while the present of ukraine is committed to a forty kilometer ceasefire around the crash site and i believe the fighting is outside of that forty kilometers i think he's held to it and look we are takes two sides right so where there are attacks against the ukrainian people ukrainian forces they obviously have a responsibility and obligation to protect their people but it's my understanding that they have held the cease fire around the crash site state department spokeswoman marie harf also address russian allegations were guarding u.s. claims that american satellites show the plane was indeed shot down by a missile take a listen we've seen a history throughout this conflict of the russian government putting out just sheer propaganda false about what's happening we have a great deal of open source evidence and intelligence to back it up that supports what we believe to be true and we'll talk about that more in the coming thank you so lots of questions raised today regarding this incident and at this point we're
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just waiting for more details to emerge reporting and washington david our team in an emergency meeting of russia's security council president putin address the situation on the ground in ukraine parties maduna question of the looks at what was set. the president says that russia is a red sea a to ensure of small scale and transparent investigation into the m h seventeen crash in eastern ukraine the one that will be available to the international community and moscow says that it is ready to facilitate such a crash investigation however that seems to be not enough. a cause that was used to . being called on to influence the self-defense forces in southeast ukraine i said again we would do everything possible but russians the absolute absolutely not enough you can give authorities have to be called upon to follow the basic norms of decency drench received during the time of the investigation the president is
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calling for the key of to at least act appropriately as its current actions are not assisting the investigation but rather slowing it down and the president is also pointing at the un going situation in the area very close to the city of. as the president says that ukrainian troops attacked self-defense you insane new year the nantz only at the same time as government forces were handing over black boxes from the crash to international experts and investigators working at the scene. that was r t correspondent in a culture but since the crash of malaysia flight seventeen communities around the world over have offered up support to the family members and communities of the nearly three hundred victims hit especially hard are the dutch who lost one hundred ninety three people president obama paid tribute to the memories of the victims of the crash by signing a book of condolences at the embassy of the kingdom of the netherlands here in
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washington today in rotterdam artie's peter all of our takes an in-depth look at a dutch community's outpouring of love and support for one family who lost three in the tragedy. and outpouring of public stuff. the people of love to pay tribute to a family restaurant whose politics the very fabric you can see this family is so weird in the whole community would need a whole city so everybody knows someone here and has been coming you know for years so you're quite chuffed restaurant owners both for fun and genuine old died in the crash alone with these little as mother comes with for only that son kevin wasn't on the plane now he's left pick up the fees you can imagine how big a loss he's lost his parents his grandmother. who works in the restaurant also. can manage to. go on like you spend state outside the asian
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borders restaurant floral tributes fly away those who knew the family concerned more with making the dead rest the need for a national plan that event investigating the tragedy the main thing is that which are the bodies home return sorry goodbye to them on the proper way ultimately what memorial service is like the one going on behind me show that even in its darkest hour the people of the netherlands are coming together to show that they stand as one peter all of a rotterdam. so with our two for more coverage of the malaysian jet crash get updates on r.t. dot com you can also follow us on twitter and facebook for the latest on the breaking story and keep an eye on the ticker at the bottom of your screen for any new developments. i mean the violence along the israel gaza border a number of u.s. and european airlines are no longer flying to and from israel the move comes after a rocket attack near ben gurion international airport in tel aviv here in the u.s.
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the federal aviation authority ordered all flights to the airport suspended for twenty four hours meanwhile the fighting shows no signs of stopping the french foreign minister today joined a growing list of world leaders calling for an immediate cease fire between israel and hamas in gaza u.s. secretary of state john kerry remains in the region hoping to work out a cease fire deal the fighting has left nearly six hundred palestinians dead nearly thirty israeli soldiers and citizens have been killed artie's harry fear has been on the ground covering the conflict for us he spoke with a doctor in gaza who is treating the wounded. what israel is actually doing is applying an immensely disproportionate force which we see not at least in the hospital i mean when we look at all these burned bodies i think they use an aria different grenades and charges to achieve both the bombardment of buildings and destroying of whatever harbor taught there is to call this sort of on to person
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although i have facts. and the shadows are really hard to treat because it takes number one their deadly if they penetrate your cave it is scrawled the chest abdomen they would cut open the blood vessels and you bleed to death within a short time depending on the size of the shrapnel but if it doesn't penetrate like we had all these children would have hundreds of shrapnel stuck you have to sit and extract one by one and it's extremely painful and of course it's dangerous because you cannot infections so it's an irony of weaponry that they are using all the time . what is your response to the general the general situation of violence especially in this context of what's almost a cycle almost of every few years this happening. and that's that's really a good question because it seems i think i heard one spokesperson for i.d.f. saying that everybody has a backyard needs that you know that you need to to mow the lawn every now and then and that's what we're doing basically every third year we have to go down and cut
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the grass and has a meaning killing people. in a way this is a huge obstacle to peace because it it it's sort of news everything backwards backwards backwards instead of finding you know what can we agree on like said if you want peace you have to talk to enemies this is not talking to enemies this is make your your enemies really untalkative. that was our to correspondent harry fear with norwegian doctor and activist mouth gilbert. the battle over running water in detroit has taken another turn the city says they have halted shutting off past due accounts for fifteen days in order to give residents time to set up a payment plan thousands in detroit are facing a water crisis that's drawing the attention of the united nations artist megan lopez has more. the trying residents who are struggling to keep their heads above their water bills are getting some temporary relief this week the city's water and sewer department announced that it will temporarily suspend water shut off for
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fifteen days to allow residents a chance to work out a payment plan for past due bills this spring the city has aggressively gone after customers who are sixty days or more than one hundred fifty dollars late on their payments turns out that that is about half of the city's one hundred seventy thousand residents the average overdue water bill is about five hundred forty dollars now there are aggressive tactics included shutting off the water for seven thousand five hundred fifty six customers between april and may and another seven thousand two hundred in june alone drawing criticism from as high up as the un for violating human rights to water water was restored to more than half of those customers within twenty four hours of being shut off and most of the others were able to pay their bills within seventy two hours the water department says that it will use the two weeks to educate residents who are behind on their bills department spokesman bill johnson told the detroit free press they are doing this
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quote and case we have missed someone who has legitimate affordability problems this will allow them to come to us to see if they can work out payments we've always maintained that what we were doing was a collection efforts not a shut off effort however once the fifteen day reprieve ens shut off will continue as the city tries to recoup eighty nine million dollars in overdue bills but activists and community leaders are fighting back this week a group of ten residents filed a lawsuit with the u.s. bankruptcy court accusing the city of violating their constitutional rights with water shut off the group is joining an effort to ask bankruptcy judge steven rhodes to grant them a temporary restraining order to stop all water shut off and to restore service at least until a hearing can be held in bankruptcy. the court part of the group's plan is implementing a water affordability plan with income based payments for residential customers meanwhile on friday over one thousand residents took to the streets of detroit to
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protest the cut in services nine of them were arrested after attempting to block service trucks from leaving a dispatch center with shut off crews inside so it looks like this water fight is just heating up reporting in washington. r.t. . death penalty rulings over the past week are bringing into question the role of the courts in continuing to put criminals to death in this country in arizona as the execution of joseph r. would scheduled to die by lethal injection wednesday has been staged by a federal appeals court until the state tells what more about the drugs to be used on him in the lethal injection and the qualifications of the medical personnel who will carry out the procedure and a federal judge in california california's orange county has ruled that the state's death penalty law is in violation of the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment the ruling in response to a petition by a death row inmate sentenced to death twenty years ago cites lengthy and
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unpredictable delays resulting in an arbitrary and unfair capital punishment system this is the latest in a nationwide discussion taking place for guarding executions which have ramped up in the wake of the botched execution last spring in oklahoma of plates in the locket in which lockett was seen rising in pain on the execution table after receiving a lethal injection to talk more about this i'm joined by alexander simpson from the california innocence project thank you very much for joining me today now let's begin with this latest stay on the arizona execution the judge in essence ruled that it's in the public interest to know just how the death penalty is carried out it's been shrouded in secrecy for a long time how far do you think this argument can go will this case reach the supreme court. it's whenever you're talking about the death penalty there's always a question as to whether it's going to reach the united states supreme court is one of the hot button issues in any particular case when you're talking about the death
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penalty you know what are the nine justices going to say about that sort of easily see either one of these cases going all the way. well transparency about how the death penalty is carried out particularly about lethal injection it's become a point of major contention recently particularly following the botched execution in oklahoma earlier this year and yet pharmaceutical companies supplying the mixtures don't want their names out pharmacies willing to mix the concoction don't want to be identified do you think the business interest to protect its practices will overrule the public interest in its need to know you know it's an interesting question because what we're talking about for the abolition of the death penalty has almost always centered around the moral issue of whether or not it's a good idea to execute somebody or even just the cost issue of how expensive it is to execute somebody this is kind of an interesting wrinkle that's developed in the last few years about whether or not it's a good idea to not know enough about how the execution is carried out when
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obviously lethal injection is just one way the execution is going to happen and some even some prisoners have said that they'd prefer to be executed through other means rather than take the risk that these injections are are even more punishment than they deserve well just last week california and a federal court judge in california ruled that the long delays and uncertainty over whether condemned inmates will ever be executed makes the system unconstitutional it's cruel and unusual punishment according to his ruling in violation of the constitution first give us a bit of background on california's death penalty system. california has one of the highest or what has one of the largest death penalties populations in the world there's more than seven hundred people who are at least sentenced to death and of those we've only had thirteen who've actually been executed since one thousand nine
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hundred eighty eight we've never had an execution since two thousand and six in california and i think that was part of the reason why the judge really found that this whole process in california is arbitrary it really makes no difference what type of crime you've committed whether or not you've killed one person you've killed ten people really it has more to do with how long it takes you to get through the process and that's largely out of the prisoner's control what's the significance of a ruling like this could does it have the power to set a benchmark when it comes to judges attempting to to sentence someone to death in california i mean obviously right now what we've got is essentially a moratorium on the death penalty in california and it's most likely going to be taken up by by the relevant parties to see whether or not the higher courts will rule on this but right now you know the idea that somebody could be sentenced to
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death in california really doesn't make a lot of sense for this judge's ruling so i guess really time will tell what something that stood out to me that was a bit interesting in this is that the judge who ruled that the that the lethal injection execution that that sentencing someone to execution right now in california is. the delay of it is the grounds for the cruel and unusual punishment not the act of killing and mate do you see other lawyers taking this up in the appeals process that it that it's in effect cruel and unusual to make someone wait and then not know if they're even going to be executed or not. yeah i mean it is a great question the real kind of tragedy about the death penalty is that it costs a ton of money to try to sentence somebody to death and then no matter what side of the fence you're on about whether or not you think it's a good idea or a bad idea it takes sometimes decades for there to be
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a resolution the interesting thing i think about the ruling from the judge at least in california is that one of the things that he noted is you know there's only been thirteen people who've been executed since one nine hundred seventy eight there's been four and a half times that many who've actually been had their sentences commuted or had their convictions reversed in that same period of time so actually four and a half times more likely to have your sentence commuted or have your conviction reversed in california than you are to be executed it's very interesting we're looking ahead more broadly are the court's going to be the way forward for people fighting the death penalty and not going through legislative bodies it seems especially since last spring's boxed execution of clayton lockett that the focus is on the courts to push through this change what would a challenge of the death penalty look like going through the court system. he adds that is an interesting question as to whether or not the. court system or the
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legislative system is the way to go in terms of the abolition of the death penalty and i think in california if you are attacking the death penalty if you're attacking the sentence that was imposed on your client you would point to this ruling to say that it's not just cruel and unusual but it's a little largely arbitrary about whether or not your client is going to be executed and we can't have an arbitrary system for the death penalty it just doesn't make sense it's completely improper when you look at how americans are jurisprudence is handled and that's where i think that the focus is going to be at least in the courts is can we really even say that this process works anymore very interesting indeed alexander simpson from the california innocence project thank you for joining me today thank you well new york city known for its glitz and glamour but the big apple is also known for its haves and have nots from the rich areas of manhattan to some of the poor neighborhoods in the outer boroughs but
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a new building on the upper west side is getting attention for a poor door the place where low income residents of that building must use artie's an assessor has more. great now in manhattan's upper west side a well off residential leverage where real estate and rent prices can be quite steep it's in this area that a development company called it still has been able to get an official green light for quite a controversial project an apartment building with more door right now it's under construction that's right more door a separate entrance for lower income residents living in cheaper apartments this despite criticism from the local community politicians as well as outraged and social media built curious condos face the hudson river while the cheaper ones the st the development company behind the project is making sure that those with a better view also don't need to view their less well off neighbors by essentially sending them to a back door to enter their own segment located forced to through six by including
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cheaper housing in the residential complex under the so-called inclusionary housing program the developers are able to increase the size of the project by adding extra square footage and also to aim for tax breaks estimated at millions of dollars lower income residents there are going to be living in this building will also be banned from other perks such as a gym and a swimming pool the building will be thirty three storeys high with two hundred nineteen luxurious condos and fifty five affordable rental units while wealth inequality in new york city is rampant as is and the manhattan borough president has vowed to reject similar ideas in the future this project is yet another shining example that apparently even in twenty first century america as their william saying goes all are equal but some are more equal than others especially truckin at r.t. new york boom boss is coming up next year on r t n a joins us for a quick preview what he got for us thanks lindsey coming up on boom bust billionaire hedge fund manager bill ackman just wrapped up his latest presentation
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on the shortcomings of nutritional supplement producer or what so what did he say and why is he calling this presentation the most important of his career we're. look into it coming right up and in today's big deal edward harris and i are discussing the sub prime autos credit risk and the straw that breaks the camel's back it's all coming up so stay tuned sounds good thanks a lot thanks all right that does appear now folks more of the stories we cover go to youtube dot com forward slash r t america and check out our website r.t. dot com forward slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at lindsay france stay tuned bust is coming up next.
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still we can still be just if you see a stage eight look to be slightly but speechless was. plenty. to. legislate. i'm abby martin the stories we cover here are not going on here in iraq and some are big story there.


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